cfl circle


My Role:

Chairman of the Executive Board and COO; Learning and leading to determine the purpose and success of marriage.

About Christian Family Life:

Christian Family Life was founded to build, enrich and reconcile relationships. Through resources, training, conferences, and counseling, the Two Becoming One study has helped millions of Christian couples build faith-based marriages.

The vision of Christian Family Life is to build, enrich and reconcile relationships, primarily the marriage relationship. The foundation for healthy relationships begins with receiving the unconditional love of our Creator through a relationship with Jesus Christ. Only then can we exercise “Faith Love” in our marriage, parenting, friendships, church, and the marketplace. This was part of God’s original design, and the catalyst for making Christ known- “Faith Relationships”.


Don and Sally Meredith are marriage counselors who have taught relationship principles for married couples, parents, and adult singles for over 40 years. They are the founders of Christian Family Life and authors of the book and workbook, Two Becoming One. The Merediths have four grown children and reside in Charlotte, NC.

In 2008 a friend asked Don and Sally to go to Cuba with him because Cuba, under communist rule for sixty years, has a 75% divorce rate. The people and the ministry in Cuba was a tremendous blessing. In 2008 we met Roland and Tammy Martinez at Life Fellowship here in Huntersville. Both of them were born and raised in “Little Havana” in Miami, and are children of parents who had fled communist Cuba in the sixties. Roland gladly came with us to minister to Cubans and the people of Cuba have adopted him.  Watching Roland minister, teach and love on people, we felt led to ask him to take the leadership in Cuba. Roland was also feeling God’s call to make marriage ministry his life’s mission. It wasn’t long before we all agreed that Roland was the one to become president of Christian Family Life, here and abroad. Our CFL board is fully behind him in this endeavor. Life Fellowship has also been key in “loaning” Roland to us and now they are an important  part of our support team.