My Role:

Executive Board; creating a learning environment where members can network, mentor, and share unique executive leadership experiences through education, research, and training. Chair of the Youth Leadership Program Committee. Other committee assignments include elections, international members, think tank development, ed/trng/research, member retention.


About NEIA:

The FBI National Executive Institute Associates (NEIA) is a private, non-profit organization, with a membership of more than 1300 chief executives of the largest law enforcement agencies throughout the U.S., Canada, Australia and Europe. Representing a broad range of key Federal, state and local agencies, these top officials are all graduates of the FBI’s National Executive Institute (NEI), an intensive, three-week leadership training program held at the FBI Academy at Quantico, Virginia.  

Established in 1976 in response to the Major Cities Chiefs’ Association’s (MCCA’s) request for a program designed specifically for the Nation’s highest ranking law enforcement executives, NEI soon opened its classes to international students.   Today, 37 classes have graduated from NEI, which is widely recognized as one of the world’s premier law enforcement leadership training programs. 

NEIA Established for Graduates.  In 1980, with the goals of providing continuing education and research findings and to enhance professionalism among their peers, a group of dedicated NEI graduates established NEIA.  Among its myriad activities, NEIA now conducts training conferences in partnership with MCCA and the Major County Sheriffs’ Association (MCSA); publishes the quarterly newsletter, NEIA Connections; presents the annual Penrith Award to a member for excellence in law enforcement leadership and administration; and grants the annual Monroe Scholarship to a member’s child who is pursuing an undergraduate or graduate degree.

FBI NEIA Mission:

NEIA provides a learning environment where its members can network, mentor, and share unique executive leadership experiences.  Committed to serving as a recognized center of excellence in law enforcement education, research and training, NEIA provides members with lifelong opportunities for the free exchange and dissemination of ideas, information and personal association with their national and international peers.  NEIA members are accountable to the guiding principles of:


We hold ourselves to the highest levels of ethical conduct.


We practice excellence in law enforcement with a strong commitment to lifelong learning.


We recognize those who epitomize leadership and innovation in law enforcement and pledge to conduct ourselves in a manner that will lend dignity to the profession and to the nations we serve.


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