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My Role:

Security clearance required; SCIF Constructors and Electronics – Site security management, construction management and consultation; NSTI, and SASSI – consultation and presentations for strategic leadership security programs.

About SCIF Constructors and Electronics, LLC.:

SCIF Constructors and Electronics, LLC has designed, built and protected their 1,000th SCIF!  On September 27, 2013, we celebrated a significant milestone in the company’s history.  The celebration included many of the equipment vendors that supply us with the very best doors, locks and intrusion detection equipment in the industry. SCIF Constructors and Electronics, LLC is DCJS Approved and Licensed.  Our approach to executing on our projects includes a systems engineering approach and in depth familiarity with secure construction requirements that results in quality, cost-effective, flexible compartmented space.  Our company is capable of facility design and construction from the ground up or for modifications to existing space.

We provide:

  • Site Security Management
  • Construction Security Planning
  • Risk Analysis
  • Testing and Evaluation
  • Alarm Installation (Intrusion Detection Systems)
  • Temporary Access Control Systems (IC Technical Specifications, chapter 3-B-3 requirement)
  • Permanent Access Control Systems
  • Construction and Renovation


SCIF Constructors Website

SCIF Business Associates:

National Security Training Institute and Special Aerospace Security Services, Inc. – NSTI and SASSI are dedicated to the advancement of the security professional through the presentation of courses and seminars in the national security arena.

NSTI Website